I am a multi Style Trained yoga teacher, with focus Ashtanga Vinyasa System, Hatha, Hatha Flow and Yin. 

In some classes I combine self-massage techniques with myofasical release balls learnt from Yoga Medicine trainings I have completed and my knowledge as a massage therapist. 

I intertwine mindfulness practices to help students ground to the present moment finding their seat in  ever changing moments of life.


"A connection to inner perception and living principles."

 “Change is a constant part of life both within us and the larger pattern of nature. Finding our comfortable seat within asana, we learn through our bodies how to apply effort and when to let go, how to breathe through resistance and fear, to sink ourselves to the waxing and waning of the moon and to embrace a calm equanimity as we go through life’s natural evolution.”  -Sharmila Desai from this video.


Rachel's teaching


Assisting Weekly Mysore Ashtanga with Mike Berghan at Te Aro Astanga 

4:30pm -7pm  | Tuesdays 

Book via Te Aro Astanga Website.


Teaching Weekly at Beginner Yogi Studio in Karori


Thursdays 6pm -7pm Hatha Yoga


Please book prior class via Beginner Yogi website




One to One or Small Groups Private Yoga Lessons 

One to One are available in from Beginner Yogi Studio

And Small Group Yoga lessons  at your Office .

Please contact  Rachel (True Calm) for bookings. 


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The Ashtanga primary series is called Yoga Chikitsa meaning yoga therapy. It is immensely grounding and has many layers to its methodology. It is systematic set of postures (asana) linked together through breath (pranayama)  movement (vinyasa) and gaze (drishti), that cultivates focus and allows you to observe the subtle fluctuations in within your body and mind.

Ashtanga was brought to the west by Sri K Pattabhi Jois, who is from the south of India in a town called Mysore.  His Grandson Sharath Jois continues to teach at the Institute in Mysore today.


I  teach and assist this in two ways…


Ashtanga Primary Series Mysore Self Practice - I assist my teacher Mike Berghan at Te Aro Astanga.

 This is the traditional method, taught one to one in a group setting and open to all levels. The student has to memorize the sequence of postures (asanas), that are taught one by one. As the student memorizes and develops in their practice more asanas are given. Please click here to read more about Ashtanga, the Mysore Method of Astanga and Mike Berghan at Te Aro Ashtanga.

Ashtanga  Half Primary Led class

This is the same set of postures, as Ashtanga Mysore Method. But this is taught as a led class with alignment cues to guide you through. It is only half of the sequence ending with the finishing sequence. 



What is Yin Yoga? 


Yin yoga is a slow practice, where we hold the postures from 2-5 minutes and relax into them, letting go.

 Physically we are working on the connective tissues and fascia (a 'glade wrap' type of tissue that encases our organs and muscles) within the body releasing and letting go. This also stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, otherwise known as the rest and digest part of the nervous system. When this part of the nervous system is ‘turned on’ a more accepting attitude can be cultivated, one of ease, compassion and gratitude.

This slow practice of Yin is a perfect vehicle for cultivating mindfulness practices. Moving from the state of doing to non-doing, just being.

 We live in a world of achieving, rushing and striving -as my teacher Norman Blair puts it. The yin practice cultivates calming cooling, slowing and surrendering state of being. As we move through the postures using breath as a tool of awareness, being with the sensations of body experiences we can cultivate and develop insight of non-judging and kindness.   

This can be a beautiful complementary  practice to the Ashtanga practice.

Hatha and Slow Flow

I find it strange to single out Hatha as a separate teaching style as most form of asana (postures) practice as Hatha is generally used as a Umbrella term. But for the sake of explaining and differentiating the 'Hatha' style class I teach from say Ashtanga I will explain...

Simply, hatha can be  translated  as “sun” (ha) and “moon” (tha), and is known as the yoga of balance. Hatha classes are great for beginners as they take time to work on each pose, one at a time. Explaining the the foundations, alignment, breath, gaze point, along with lots of modifications to explore the pose.  

There is often pranayama and mediation incorporated to help balance and leave you feeling relaxed and connected to your body.  

The Slow Flow, is taught very much the same way, but the sequencing, is built up slowly in order for you to become more familiar with it, linking simple sequence of posture together thorugh Breath. 



Self Myofascial Release Combo with Yoga

Using Tennis balls or Myofasical tune up balls, I combine this therapeutic application of  self myofascial release techniques (SMFR) to assist students in a yoga class setting to help improve their range of motion, help injuries, and prevent them from occurring. 

I have completed a training with Tiffany Cruikshank from Yoga Medicine where I learnt different techniques to incorporate into my classes (Apart from Ashtanga).