What to Expect

                                                          -    Deep Tissue
                                                          -    Therapeutic
                                                          -    Relaxation
                                                          -    Myofascial Release
                                                          -    Trigger point
                                                          -    Yoga Therapeutics
                                                          -    Well-being  
                                                          -    Stress Reduction

With your first treatment for both, Holistic Relaxing Massage (HRM) and Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage, (TDTM) a health consultation will take place, asking various questions about your health, medical history and lifestyle, to ensure the treatment is right for you. With further treatments we always ask if any of this information has changed. For the Well-being Chair Massage there is a shorter list of list of medical questions asked.

 Treatments are tailed for your needs, either being a full body massage treatment or focused on a particular area, for example neck and shoulders. Both HRM and TDTM treatments are oil based on a table. The Onsite Chair Massage, is done fully clothed on a specially designed Stronglite massage chair.