What Is Office Chair Massage and How Can It help Your Office Environment? 

Office Chair Massage is a fantastic way to help reduce stress levels and increase productivity and focus in the office.

Office Chair Massage is a fully clothed massage,  on an ergonomically designed massage chair, which allows the client to fully relax. Treatments are 15, 20 or 30 minutes  long, ideal for the office environment as there is no fuss with undressing and treatments can be adjusted in length of time to suite your employees. 

The techniques used are a combination of Japanese acupressure, Indian head massage techniques, flowing stokes, gentle stretching and breath work all of which help to promote relaxation bringing you back to your True state of Calm feeling refreshed and focused. Whilst releasing knots and muscle tension improving muscle tone by increasing circulation.

A Few Benefits of Office Chair Massage...

  • For the office environment this is an excellent work incentive for employees, improving employee productivity and wellbeing in the office environment.  
  • Demonstrates commitment towards employee health and wellbeing.
  • Reduces stress levels and improves feel good hormones.
  • Relieves head, neck and back tension.
  • Cultivates awareness of breath and calms the mind alleviating stress.
  • Improves focus and energy levels of employees.  


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Rachel has been the most amazing massage therapist, we've had her to our office two days a month for nearly 2 years and everyone loves her, she's the best masseuse we've had by far. She's also very lovely, easy to talk too and everyone finds she has an incredible memory!

- Daisy Gilbert, Office Manager, Collective UK Media Company (Time INC)


Rachel is a talent massage therapist. She worked with our Company for over a year and was a clear favourite amongst our staff. Would definitely recommend Rachel.

- Victoria Spencer, HR Amundi Asset Management.  


Rachel was absolutely great! Pressure was perfect and it was just what we all needed! We love her at Salesforce! 

- Chantelle Fletcher, Office Administrator, Salesforce.


 Rachel came into our office for massages treatments and it was one of the best massages I've ever had!

- Tiffany Eu, Cornerstone Research