Who is it for?...

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage is a great treatment for anyone looking to relieve acute or chronic muscle tension/pain, improving mobility, anybody who enjoys a firm massage, has a sporting injury, muscular cramps, back pain fibrosis, atrophy (muscle wasting) or pathologies such as frozen shoulder.

 It helps to re-hydrate the muscles, removing accumulated waste products whilst working with deeper layers of muscle tissue, tendons and the fascia (fascia- a connective tissue and kind of 'glad wrap' that encases all muscles, organs) to help maintain your body's optimum  mobility and well-being. 

The aim is simple, for all clients to leave feeling refresh, relaxed and relief from pain.

What is Therapeutic Deep tissue massage? ...

Therapeutic Deep Tissue massage(TDTM) is oil based treatment, which can be a full body or focused on a particular body part or problematic area.

TDTM  is ideal for relieving and breaking down painful fibrous adhesion (tense muscles) in the deeper layers of muscle, tissues and scar tissue. All of which can be the result from muscle injury, poor posture, athletic pursuits, repetitive strain or stagnation from prolonged periods of sitting. Although this can be a relaxing massage it is not the goal but rather a by product...

Technique: Slow strokes are used to encourage muscle relaxation, similar to  Holistic Massage techniques, However TDTM gradually layers these strokes to work deeper into the muscle fibres (if needed) to relieve deeper tension and promote hydration of the tissues.

Neuromuscular techniques can also be used, which is a manual compression of a trigger point in order to deactivate it, helping to restore muscle elasticity. This can feel slightly discomforting, so I encourage a dialogue to ensure that I do not step over their pain threshold with you the client.

Breath work and mindfulness is also encourage during massage treatments to help the relaxation of the muscles.

Gentle stretching is included that aids the lasting effect of the massage strokes and techniques, whilst also improving joint mobility and muscle flexibility.

If needed, I often give yoga exercises to help activate, strengthen or stretch the problematic tissues.  

Treatments usually take 1 hour to an  1.5 hours, depending on the individuals need.

A few Benefits of Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage...

  • Alleviate Trapped Nerves by breaking up knotted muscles. tissue and scar tissue.
  • Promotes postural awareness.
  • Alleviates chronic pain and promotes relaxation.
  • Relieves disorders such as Fibromyalia, Sciatica frozen Shoulder, sciatica etc...
  • Relieves Back and Neck pain.
  • Sports relief and recovery.
  • Improves joint mobility and muscle flexibility.