Massage therapy has evolved over thousands of years, beginning as a sacred system of natural healing mainly in the Eastern countries of India, Eygpt, China and Japan.

 Fast forward to the present, massage is now used vastly throughout the West as a complimentary therapy alongside conventional medicine. Massage is continually being tested by scientists to record its benefits…

Stress Reducer and Improves Feel Good Factor… Massage has been scientifically proven to reduce the stress hormone Cortisol, a hormone also linked to causing depression. Whilst increasing Serotine and Oxytocin levels, the hormones that are linked to happiness also known as natural pain killers and promoters of good sleep. Therefore a regular massage will improve sleep and make you happy!*1

Muscles and Joints... Massage is excellent for breaking relieving tight fibrosis muscles, breaking up scar tissue, relieving tension and spasms, whilst improving range of motion .

The experts show that massage can be a good option for reducing post-exercise muscle pain,*2 whilst also being good for restoring joint movement and relieving repetitive strain injuries.

Stimulates Immune System… Making you feel revitalised with boosted energy! Research have found that massage can enhance lymphocytes (white blood cells) heightening the immune’s response when foreign invaders enter the body, as this is lymphocytes primary function.*3

Stimulates and Calms the Nervous System…Massage is known to help balance the autonomic nervous system. Research has shown that massage can activate our parasynthetic nervous system AKA the rest and digest part of our nervous system initiating self-healing.*4

Massage can also decrease nerve entrapment that is caused by tenses muscles and scar tissue.